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Oceano Dunes ODSVRA, Pismo Beach, Pismo Dunes; No matter what they call it!  - WE LOVE IT!  We've been there time and time again and we want to keep going back.  After all, where else can you go for such terrific family fun, spend time with good friends, camp and take in awesome ocean views?





The Coastal Commission is about to ruin your Holidays at the Oceano Dunes. Summer vacations will be taking a big hit too!

If you have camping reservations for Thanksgiving and/or New Year's or ANY time after July 11th 2019 at the ODSVRA I suggest you make a back-up plan. 300 camping reservations will be taken away starting July 11, 2019.

That's right 300 campers will have to stay home. Who's going to give up their reservation?

Of course all of this is subject to being able to cross the creek. Once the creek is flowing to the ocean, camping will be halted. At least the 700 who make it across the creek will get a quiet night's sleep since night riding will be prohibited.

The Coastal Commission wants to:

  • "Users are not allowed to the southern side of the creek area when the creek may soon connect to the ocean"
  • "700 camping units per night as of July 11, 2019"
  • "All vehicular and OHV activity within ODSVRA shall be prohibited during nighttime hours (i.e., from one-hour after sunset and to one-hour before sunrise)"


1) Attend the Coastal Commission and speak up. ---This one is important
Date: Thursday, July 11th
Time: 9 am (show up early)
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel
333 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

2) Contact the Commission because you know they'd LOVE to hear from you.
In addition to your thoughts tell them they need to protect your rights for camping AND OHV use via the Coastal Act.

Email them: [email protected]
Call them: (831) 427-4863
Even send a fax (831) 427-4877

3) Contact STATE PARKS: Let State Parks know what you think too!
It's time Parks stops rolling over and stands their ground.


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


Lisa Mangat, Director, California State Parks, at 916-653-8380
Dan Canfield, Acting Director CA State Parks OHV Division, at 916-324-4442
Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of Resources , at 916-653-5656


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03/14/18: For Immediate Release

March 14, 2018 

Friends letter about research of offshore silica & bilological contributors

Letter here:

Donations always are needed for keeping the area open!
Work is always being done!

10/24/17: For Immediate Release

October 24, 2017 

Friends files a lawsuit against the CCC over their issuing a permit to close more camping and riding at the Oceano Dunes SVRA

Filing Located here:

Donations always part of being able to contiue these battles 

6/29/16: For Immediate Release!

June 29, 2016
Friends of Oceano Dunes (Friends) is pleased to announce a VICTORY in the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District (APCD) lawsuit. This very contentious issue has been going on for years and has required numerous lawsuits against the APCD and even including State Parks.

Friends President, Jim Suty, said, "I am extremely pleased by the ruling. We are a small 100% volunteer organization who cares deeply for the continued access to camping and OHV recreation at the Oceano Dunes SVRA. This prevents the APCD from requiring State Parks to have a permit to operate the Oceano Dunes which would have allowed them to potentially close the park at their discretion. Our attorney, Tom Roth did an absolutely fantastic job battling numerous attorneys who seemed to stop at nothing to try and expand the power and control of the APCD. This is a VICTORY for all those who enjoy the Oceano Dunes!"

The APCD has 60 days to determine if they will appeal the final decision. Friends is prepared to answer an appeal if the APCD decides to continue.


4/6/15: We Won!

Friends of Oceano Dunes is very pleased by the Appellate Courts decision today in favor of “Friends”

Download and review the ruling




Friends of Oceano Dunes (FoOD) Membership Information:

FoOD has for years been growingthe membership base, that wishes to participate and be part of the solution for keeping the ODSVRA Access for All!  The mission has been the same for years,  believing strength in numbers will help keep the park open to our families.  Being a member gives FoOD a fighting chance to stand up to the Sierra Club as well as other groups that wish to limit access to the park. 

Currently the Memberships that are offered in the store are:

Annual Memberships:

  • Individual:  $30
  • Family:       $55
  • Associate: $100

Lifetime Membership:

  • Lifetime:    $450

Make checks payable to: Friends of Oceano Dunes and send to: P.O. Box 398, Oceano, California 93445
(if you don't wish to use PayPal)

Who We Are!
The Friends of Oceano Dunes is a 501(c)(3) California Not-for-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. This corporation is comprised of citizens and business representatives who enjoy the benefits of Public Access and usage of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area (ODSVRA).


Our Objective!
To unite the many people who enjoy the Oceano Dunes in a cohesive organization that can promote and reinforce responsible recreation. This will be accomplished by developing a large network of FRIENDS and collecting donations to accomplish our objective. We support ALL forms of responsible recreation and we will work to ensure continued access to the ODSVRA.

Friends of Oceano Dunes and this website were established May 2001

Please Note: No Salaries Are Paid, We Are a 100% Volunteer Organization.

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