Friends of Oceano Dunes
Send Mail to: Friends of Oceano Dunes
P. O. Box 398
Oceano, CA 93445
Call Us:
805-994-9309 (In Oceano)

Website Information:
[email protected]

Board of Directors:

Don Preble (San Jose)

Cheryl Hunter (Clovis) 

Vice President
Gene Schroeder (Fresno) 

Vice President
Greg Ray (Clovis)


* Jim Suty (San Jose) 

Bill Knoff (Ramona)

Vice President - CORVA
* Ed Waldheim (Glendale) 

Vice President 
Christian Jauregui (Nipomo)


Director Emeritus:

*Butch Hotz (former Vice President)
*Ginger Schenk (former Vice President)
*Mark Meulpolder (former Vice President)
*Daryn Dyar (former Treasurer)
*Gerard Forgnone (former Chairman)
*Karen Suty (former Secretary)
Richard Dellanini (former Vice President)

* Denotes Founding Board Member

Please Note:

No Salaries Are Paid,
We Are a 100% Volunteer Organization.

Please contact us to offer your help. We have many things to do, and we need volunteers to make it happen!

Friends of Oceano Dunes (FoOD) Membership Information:

FoOD has for years been growingthe membership base, that wishes to participate and be part of the solution for keeping the ODSVRA Access for All!  The mission has been the same for years,  believing strength in numbers will help keep the park open to our families.  Being a member gives FoOD a fighting chance to stand up to the Sierra Club as well as other groups that wish to limit access to the park. 

Currently the Memberships that are offered in the store are:

Annual Memberships:

  • Individual:  $30
  • Family:       $55
  • Associate: $100

Lifetime Membership:

  • Lifetime:    $450

Make checks payable to: Friends of Oceano Dunes and send to: P.O. Box 398, Oceano, California 93445
(if you don't wish to use PayPal)

Who We Are!
The Friends of Oceano Dunes is a 501(c)(3) California Not-for-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. This corporation is comprised of citizens and business representatives who enjoy the benefits of Public Access and usage of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area (ODSVRA).


Our Objective!
To unite the many people who enjoy the Oceano Dunes in a cohesive organization that can promote and reinforce responsible recreation. This will be accomplished by developing a large network of FRIENDS and collecting donations to accomplish our objective. We support ALL forms of responsible recreation and we will work to ensure continued access to the ODSVRA.

Friends of Oceano Dunes and this website were established May 2001

Please Note: No Salaries Are Paid, We Are a 100% Volunteer Organization.